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Idaho STAR Program
Open Date: Friday, August 12, 2016
Close Date: Sunday, August 28, 2016
Announcement #: 5148523466092
Position Type: Professional
Salary: $47,500 annually - Plus Competitive Benefits
Work Schedule:
Full Time - Regular
Start date:
October 3, 2016
STAR Boise
  Cover Letter Required


The STAR Operations Manager is responsible for statewide training site readiness, establishing statewide training schedule, supervision of local site managers and regional site support, maintenance of all STAR vehicles as well as inventory of parts and supplies. The STAR Operations Manager also assist the Program Director with communications, marketing, and public relations for the program through management of social media outlets and supervision of the Rider Discount Program. This position also works in conjunction with the Idaho Transportation Department and third party motorcycle skills testers and ensures readiness of testing sites.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (in order of importance/time)


·         Ensure that statewide training sites are fully prepared for each and every class, including motorcycles, parts,  course supplies, painted range markings on parking lots, asphalt repair, and communication with site sponsors.

·         Establish statewide annual training schedule with sufficient course offerings to meet statewide customer demand, with special emphasis on those under age 21, for whom training is mandatory.    

·         Locate, facilitate, prepare, and maintain current agreements for the use of training sites.  

·         Coordinate with site sponsors for approvals of training schedules.

·         Reconcile all site invoices and statements.

·         Maintain documentation to accurately reflect all current range diagrams.  

·         Travel statewide to assist Instructors in the field, maintain motorcycle training and testing site readiness, network with motorcycle dealers, motorcycle clubs, training and testing site sponsors, and other stakeholders. This position may require up to 30% of their time on statewide travel.  

·         Manage STAR fleet of over 170 motorcycles, including writing requests for bids, selecting bids, performing basic motorcycle maintenance and repair, transporting motorcycles throughout the state as necessary, and facilitating the sale of motorcycles.  

·         Manage the use and maintenance of STAR-owned truck and trailers. 

·         Assist in updating and maintaining forms and support materials used for the rider training programs. Chronicle changes and verify that current version(s) are integrated at all training locations.   

·         Maintain records for the purpose of data collection, interpretation, and evaluation.  

·         Ensure insurance is current for all training sites. 

·         Assist Program Director in management of social media outlets for the purpose of promoting the Idaho STAR Program’s mission and services to the Idaho public.

·         Assist Program Director in an advisory capacity in areas of public relations and marketing as needed.

·         Coordinate with Office Manager in maintaining the Idaho STAR Program’s public website.

·         Assist ITD in selection/approval/preparation of testing sites.  

·         Ensure that testing sites are maintained and painted.  

·         Coordinate with the Training Manager as required or requested.  

·         Produce reports as specified by the Director.  

·         Attend staff meetings, Advisory Committee, and other meetings as requested or assigned.  

·         Carry a personal cell phone for business use.  

·         Be on-call on weekends as assigned.

·         Assist other STAR Program staff as requested.  

·         Perform other duties as assigned.  


·         Qualify for and maintain STAR certifications and professional proficiency for (at a minimum) Basic I, Basic II, and Experienced Course.

·         Maintain a thorough working knowledge of teaching techniques as applied to rider training as well as management/leadership principles and practices.  

·         Be or become trained as an Alternate MOST Tester Trainer and conduct Tester Training sessions in cooperation with the Idaho Transportation Department, as deemed necessary by the Idaho Transportation Department.  


·         Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.

·         Minimum of 5 years of experience in a similar management position where operational logistics, problem-solving, and budgeting were primary aspects of the job.

·         Must be a licensed motorcyclist that owns and operates a motorcycle on a regular basis.

·         Must hold Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Instructor certification, or equivalent, or be eligible for admission to STAR’s Instructor training program.

  • Preference for at least 3 years of experience teaching STAR courses, or equivalent.

·         Must have demonstrated leadership or supervisory experience.

·         Strong interpersonal and organizational skills.

·         Organizational ability. Must be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

·         Strong communication skills, including listening, oral and written, clear, persuasive and convincing communication; providing clear focus and direction; confronting difficult issues, identifying alternatives, and deciding on a course of action.

·         Ability to successfully and positively interact with administrative officials, the general public, and program personnel to effectively facilitate and maintain strong and productive working relationships.

·         Knowledge and understanding of federal, state, and program laws, policies, procedures, and operations.

·         Knowledge of CSI, ITD, PTE, and Idaho STAR rules and regulations/policies and procedures to ensure program compliance with Idaho Code.

·         Have, and maintain, a good driving record.

·         Knowledge of basic motorcycle repair and maintenance.

·         Competent with the following: computer, printer, scanner, projector, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat Professional, multi-line phone, fax, copier, motorcycles of all sizes, cars/pickup trucks, and safely hitching, loading, and towing trailers up to 40’.


·         Direct Reports: Local Site Managers; Regional Site Support staff

·         Assure STAR professional, instructional, equipment, and procedural standards are current and enforced for sites. Ensure comprehensive status reports are timely; and advise staff on issues or problems with recommendations for improvement.  

·         Assure STAR professional, instructional, and procedural standards are current and upheld for sites, Instructors, and students by coordinating with Training Manager.

·         Maintain a working knowledge of leadership principles as applied to managing staff, developing goals and action plans, and addressing performance and disciplinary issues.  

·         Recruit, train, supervise, guide, and assist site managers to enhance their abilities to effectively meet program and site objectives. 

·         Organize continuing education programs. Identify training or other interventions required to meet the needs of the program.  

·         Maintain and enforce STAR Program Policies and Procedures.      

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